Whether you are an Italian or International enterprise, the goal is to find new clients interested in your products and build loyalty among existing ones. The arena is increasingly competitive and requires a steady search and evaluation of new opportunities.

Lanari Associates can assist you in numerous marketing activities such as interfacing products and the market, distribution and price, client segmentation and suitable communication styles to find the best solutions for you.

Our strategic and operative marketing services include:

  • analysis of existing and potential markets
  • identification of target segments
  • identification of potential clients
  • promotion aimed at specific targets in private and public international operators
  • ideation of meetings and special events targeted at specific groups such as designers, journalists, trend setters and opinion leaders
  • selection of appropriate trade shows and promotional events
  • promotional relations towards institutions and other Italian or International players, such as Ministries, ICE – Italian Trade Promotion Agency, Regional Governments, Public and Private Authorities
  • support in the development and fulfilment of programs for the international promotion (for Institutions only)